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How To Hit A Golf Ball

How To Hit A Golf Ball: Learn With Us!

The secret to staying ahead of the game is having what your opponents do not have. To achieve this, you have to be in constant training while improving your weak links and strengthening your secure areas. In this piece, we will look at professional tips... Read More
golf exercises

Best Golf Exercises Revealed: Improve Your Technique Easily!

Golf specific exercises are fundamental to anyone's golf career. The golf player must train differently and at different times of the year to keep fit and be at his best. Different opponents may expose your weak or secure areas, and that is why engaging in... Read More
portugal resorts algarve

 8 Stunning Portugal Resorts In Algarve To Visit In 2020

Golf in Portugal has been envy for many. The spectacular, lush-green, and remarkable golf courses have, in many ways, contributed to this aspect. However, that is not all; the incredible, immaculate, and state of the art resorts complement this fantastic experience. Are you interested in... Read More
history of golf balls

Would You Like To Know The History Of Golf Balls?

For a golf game to be complete, we need to have a golf ball. However, much little this ball might look, it is very critical in this game. Most golfers nevertheless focus their attention on the size of the club, the swings, and so forth... Read More
cheap portugal holidays

 The Best Options of Spending Cheap Portugal Holidays

Situated along with the southernmost tips, Algarve, Portugal is a place to dazzle. It has a magnificent coastline ideal for quick weekend hangouts, holidays, luxury, and links courses. The superb views, jagged coastline, splendid sandy beaches, and affordable costs are what makes this place unique.... Read More
best golf apps

The Best Golf Apps for Golfers in Algarve, Portugal

If you are a golfer, you'd want to be on top of the scoreboard. For you to achieve this, you need to have top-notch strategies and ideas. One of these is ensuring that you have the best golf apps on your smartphone. You will need... Read More
types of golf courses

Get To Know Types Of Golf Courses With Us!

It can be a challenging affair when it comes to taking a break from your mundane routine and immersing yourself in activities that aim at invigorating you. Many people eye for the weekend, but with hardly any purposeful plans at all. Do you need an... Read More
golf grip

How To Grip A Golf Club The Right Way

Most first-time and even professional golfers grip a golf club in a manner that costs them these three: accuracy, consistency, and power. Nevertheless, a perfect golf grip s not developed overnight; it takes time and dedication. (more…) Read More
golf jokes

Top 35 Hilarious Golf Jokes In 2020 To Cheer You Up

Let's start by debunking the myth that golf is a game merely for annoying older people who have no sense of humor at all. Contrary to that opinion, there are thousands of funny golf jokes that can leave you "crying" literally. (more…) Read More
Golf Safety Tips

Recommended Golf Safety Tips During Coronavirus in 2020

2020 was a promising year until the COVID-19 wave swept in like a tsunami! Nothing was left to chance, with sports activities suffering significant losses. Golf was not an exception either as the disease is no respecter of persons or class. Therefore, golf safety is... Read More