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Best Golf Exercises Revealed: Improve Your Technique Easily!

Golf specific exercises are fundamental to anyone’s golf career. The golf player must train differently and at different times of the year to keep fit and be at his best. Different opponents may expose your weak or secure areas, and that is why engaging in a golf exercise would help up your game to the next level.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the message was, stay at home, help save lives. With this, it is impossible to go out to the gym, golf course, or any other public place for your training. However, did you know that you can perform your golf exercises at home and remain in perfect shape –better than Tiger woods himself? Read on to find out how?

The Best Result-Oriented Golf Workouts at Home

In this particular post, you will see some of the exercises that can be included in the golfer workout routine while at home. Don’t allow yourself to get all pot-bellied while you can remain in shape with these excellent tips. Let’s rock and roll.

T-Hip Rotation Workouts for Golfers

Do you want to stretch your hips and also strengthen your adductors? Then this is the perfect home workout tip for you.

Requirements: All you need for this is a chair

Procedure: You can start with either leg, the right or the left. Stand on your right leg while holding the chair with your right hand. Then, you drop your chest and lift your left leg to the ceiling while hinging through your right leg. With this, you create a “T.” Still supporting with your right arm, stretch your hips and shoulders facing the ceiling for two seconds until you have felt a stretch on the outside. Repeat this six times on each side.

Using One-legged Push-ups

golfing exercises
It is best for strengthening the golfer’s muscles on the anterior and posterior side of their upper torso. The one-legged pushups improve golf posture, give a more terrific swing, and increase your ability to stop the club’s motion safely.

Requirements: A mat and a flat surface would do the magic.

Procedure: Get into a pushup position with your hands and both feet on the floor. Lift one leg slightly up, forming an acute angle. Begin your pushups with the leg lifted and lowering your chest to the floor as much as possible. A set of ten on each leg would guarantee the best results.

Seated Rotations

The form part of the golf-specific workouts necessary to improve rotational mobility during the golf swing.

Requirements: Your golf club or any other object of the same dimensions and a supporting surface.

Procedure: Sit down with one leg on either side of a bench. Hold the club in the crook of your elbows from behind. Place the flat side of your hands on your stomach. While maintaining posture, rotate your torso without moving your hips to one side and hold for 3-5 seconds. Do so with the other side alternating with 10 seconds on each side.

Reverse Chops

Are you thinking of some strengthening exercises for golfers? Reverse chops would be the best option for strengthening motions opposite of those in the golf swing. They encourage a higher physical symmetry; thus, low chances of injury.

Requirements: An open space, a rope, and a low pulley are enough for this

Procedure: Tie the rope to a low pulley and then follow the same motion.

Jumping Split Squat

golf workoutIt is a lower-body exercise aimed at improving the golfer’s stability, mobility, and strength.

Requirements: Any flat and comfortable surface

Procedure: Sink into a deep plunge while stepping on one foot and bending on both knees in a manner of going to half kneel on the ground. The front heel should be as down as possible when you lunge back. Sprint up and jump up out of the lunge to switch and which will land you in a lunge on the other side.

Mini-Band Walk Forward

One of the exercises for golfers that activates and strengthens the gluts, key for a stable base when you swing is this mini-band walk forward.

Requirements: Two or three mini bands

Procedure: First, get a mini-band around your legs in the area above the knee. Place another one around your ankles. Make small steps forward while ensuring that your knees are bent and alternating the elbows, thus driving back with each step. The position of your knees over your toes and your back should be straight at all times.

Dead bugs

It is among the best golf exercises for strengthening the core. Strength in the midsection is essential in transferring enough power from the lower part of the body to the upper during the golf swing.

Requirements: A flat surface and a mat would do

Procedure: Lie on your back and extend your arms straight to the ceiling. Let your hips bent at 90 degrees. Make your abs tight while pressing your lower back into the floor. Now, extend your right leg toward the ground while lowering your left arm over your head. Using slow and controlled movements, keep the abs tight without arching back. Slowly inhale and exhale and repeat with the right leg and left arm.

Full Body Turn

Whether you are at home or on your golf holidays, this is one of the best exercises for golf. It improves your backswing rotation and your trail shoulder’s flexibility.

Requirements: A golf club

Procedure: Use your golf club to turn until you feel a big stretch around the mid-back, ribcage, and shoulders during this exercise.

Hand walks

exercises for golfThey reduce the risk of the shoulder elbow and prevent “golfer’s elbow.”

Procedure: Get in a pushup position by bending forward and slowly start walking.

Speed Planks

These are among the gym exercises for golf that make the muscles of the abdomen work much harder. They can be done painstakingly at home.

Procedure: Extend your arms and tap the ground in front of you. Then move them to the sides by alternating hand positions.

So, if you are a golfer in Algarve, Portugal, these golf tips would be what you have missed during this season. Give them a try today!

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