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Top 35 Hilarious Golf Jokes In 2020 To Cheer You Up

Let’s start by debunking the myth that golf is a game merely for annoying older people who have no sense of humor at all. Contrary to that opinion, there are thousands of funny golf jokes that can leave you “crying” literally.

These good golf jokes serve several purposes, including creating rapport between the golfers and making the game more interactive. We now proceed to explore some of the best golf jokes in 2020 that will give your mouth and ribs a run for their money. Are you ready? Let’s start laughing…sorry, let’s dive right into it.

Clean Golf Jokes For Everyone!

clean golf jokes

  1. For me to golf the way I do, it takes a lot of balls!
  2. Why does the pro tell you to keep your head down during golfing? So that you won’t see him laughing.
  3. Why do pot-bellied people play golf? They want to kick the fat out of the belly.
  4. A newbie golfer asked the trainer, “Why do golf courses have flag posts?” The trainer answered, “To wave down the golf balls.”
  5. What’s the primary component of a golfer’s diet? A lot of greens and water.
  6. A kid asked his father, “Why the name, Tiger Woods?” The father answered, “Because he is a tiger who likes playing in the woods.”

The Best Golf Jokes One-Liners

  1. Golf is the only game that allows good and evil lies
  2. The only time I read the green is on a golf course
  3. Golfing is the idlest game, imagine kicking a white ball all day long.
  4. The golf game started at 11:10 a.m., the first lie about a scorecard at 11:22, and the first golf joke at noon – Bennett Serf.
  5. Golf is the most fun game you can play with two trousers and a cap on
  6. Golf is a plague invented by Calvinist Scots as a punishment for man’s sins. James Reston

The Funniest Golf Sex Jokes on Earth

funny golf jokes

  1. Golf is the only game you can enjoy without being good at it.
  2. You need to adjust your grip, or else you’ll lose it.
  3. Keep your head down when playing.
  4. It bends a little to the left.
  5. How good are you with your short putts?

Amusing Golf Jokes For Kids

  1. Why do golfers always have two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one.
  2. The golf ball said to the other, “See you around.”
  3. It takes FORE golfers to change a light bulb
  4. Cinderella was a lousy golfer because her coach was a pumpkin
  5. Funny how you can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen in golf
  6. Teacher, “what is a snowman in golf?” students: “an eight on a hole.”
  7. What is afraid of the dark? A ball that won’t get into the hole.
  8. How do we refer to a monkey that wins the Masters? Simple, a chimpion!

Heart Warming Golf Cartoon Jokes that Will Melt your Heart

  1. When I die, please bury me on the golf course so that my husband can visit me
  2. If NASA wants to explore the water on Mars, they should send a golfer there to hit a golf ball
  3. Baby-sitting is a piece of cake for golfers
  4. A golf ball said, “I once was lost, but now I am found.”
  5. That one club in your bag that you can never hit straight

Dirty Golf Jokes

  1. A lousy hole won’t get you a slap across the face when you play golf
  2. Even though you’re a little ashamed of what you have done, you know you will do it again – 4 putt
  3. A golfer who continually puts his driver in the wrong bag is a cheater
  4. Intercourse is the only course that gives Tiger Woods the most trouble
  5. The 19th hole is a blonde at a golf course

These are, but a teaser of the many golf jokes funny images. There are thousands of other mini-golf jokes and disc golf jokes available that can make your day. Get rid of the gloomy face by typing “golf jokes short” on your search engine and enjoy it!

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