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How To Hit A Golf Ball

How To Hit A Golf Ball: Learn With Us!

The secret to staying ahead of the game is having what your opponents do not have. To achieve this, you have to be in constant training while improving your weak links and strengthening your secure areas. In this piece, we will look at professional tips on how to hit a golf ball for the best results. Journey with me, will you?

Knowing how to hit a golf ball correctly draws way back to the game’s roots, and that is the jargon used in golf. Let us see some of it:

Basic Terms Used in Golf


It is the ‘stick’ used to hit the golf ball.

Golf Tee:

A thin, wood, or plastic placed on the ground to raise the golf ball when a golfer wants to play the first stroke of a hole from the teeing ground.

Golf Stance:

How you place your legs in preparation for a swing to hit the golf ball


It is to position the clubhead on the behind the ball on the ground.


Where the golfer intends to hit the golf towards


The area between the golf tee and the green


It is where the hole and the flagstick stand

That was our brief introduction on how to hit a golf ball for beginners by first understanding the terms used. Now, we proceed to something more thrilling, the procedure!

golf club

Determining the Stance

A correct set-up increases your chances of hitting a reasonable shot, regardless of the swing. That is why it is vital to get this crucial step right at all costs.

Get close to the golf ball and, using your feet, stand about shoulder-width apart while evenly distributing your body weight on each foot.

For right-handers, the body should align to play the ball off the heel of your left foot. The left-handers should use the heel of the left foot. It is applicable when using a golf stance driver. Using golf stance irons will require a stance of about two inches narrower to achieve the shoulder-width apart. Such a position ensures that the ball is hit slightly on the upswing, thus providing distance and helping the ball get airborne.

How To Hit Golf Ball

Appropriate Position

Once you have your stance in position, it is now time to have a golf posture. The first step to this is to set and bend your knees slightly. Most of the weight rests on the balls of the feet.

Take up the club to the front and make a hinge at the hips. Do this slowly until you get the club to the ground. With this position, you can entirely turn your shoulders and pelvis during the backswing. How to hit a golf ball effectively will largely depend on your posture.

The Grip

Are you wondering how to hit a golf ball from tee to green? Well, this is the beginning of that significant part. It is advisable to hold the driver with a relaxed grip. The club can quickly turn over in your hands with this type of clasp.

A firm grip on the driver may have a significant negative impact on the cost distance and accuracy off the tee. You can’t hit a golf ball effectively without a neutral grip for the beginners.

Are You Ready To Address the Ball?

Before this, there is a vital aspect to consider before you hit a golf ball from tee to green. It is none other than the length of your golf club. A longer or shorter club will affect all the aspects we have discussed above, and thus, you will need to adjust accordingly.

Therefore, your stance, posture, grip, and length of the club will determine the best way to hit a golf ball.

Let us look at the swings now:

#1. The Takeaway Swing

During this swing, you should bring back the club in line with the target line. Therefore, it makes the shaft of the club parallel to the ground, with the club pointing straight ahead on a parallel track to the target line.

#2. The Back Swing

Do not let your left elbow bend during the backswing. The left heel should firmly remain on the ground since you are bringing the club up during the backswing.

#3. The Down Swing

It is the part of the swing when the clubhead is moving down toward the ball. A golfer will, at this point, know where to hit the golf ball. With practice in the downswing, you will know how to strike a golf ball far and soar high on your scores.

#4. The Follow Through

Once you have hit the ball, naturally release your hands in the follow-through. It is the process by which the hands turn over the club. If you fail to do this, it will result in blocked shots that will send the ball right off the target.

The various types of golf shots determine the different types of golf swings, namely:

  • Drive
  • Putt
  • Chip
  • Flop shot
  • Punch

The styles used for each of the types above resembles a few tweaks.

With that, your game should up in the next week or so provided you train. Remember that you will not only know how to hit a golf ball straight but also perfect your game through practice.

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