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Algarve Golf Holiday - Golf travel company that you need

Up until the past couple of decades, travel golf was the domain of the rich and their relatives. The only people who could partake in luxury golf travel where those who were rich and powerful enough to be able to bring their clubs with them on a ship crossing the Atlantic or on the train with them while toured the country.

With the explosion of tourism and the availability of cheap flights and affordable accommodation and golf travel deals, the golfing lifestyle of the old blue bloods is now within everybody's reach.

Planning Your Golf Holiday

Once your imagination is on overdrive and you are starting to dream about golf travel holidays, you are probably thinking about planning the whole trip. There are so many steps to planning and executing the perfect golfing holiday. Here are some pieces of the puzzle:

  • Accommodation
    Do you want to stay in a 5* resort? Do you want to be within walking distance of the first tee?
  • Courses
    Do you want to play the same course over and over to get comfortable playing the same track? Or would you like to get to know the local area by sampling various courses within a 50-mile radius of your hotel?
  • Clubs And Lessons
    Are you planning to bring your own clubs with you on the plane or will you want to rent clubs from the pro shop?
  • Off Course Activities
    After you finish at the 19th hole, do you plan to lounge around the pool or do you want to get out of the complex and sample a bit of the local culture?

All of these questions need to be dealt with upfront and everything needs to work together for you to enjoy the most "hands off", enjoyable and satisfying tour golf travel. That is where the next suggestion will help:

Using A Golf Travel Website

For help with all of the planning, you should book through a golf travel company. These companies will have all types of golf travel packages and Europe travel packages available for you. Now obviously, my golf travel needs will be different to yours but using a dedicated website will help you define your goals and what is the best deal for you.

Golf Travel To Portugal

We recommend Portugal as the destination for your holiday above all other possible places. The Algarve region in particular ranks highly for:

  • Weather
  • Dedicated golfing infrastructure
  • Championship courses designed by famous names
  • Established ex-pat community
  • Resorts and hotels that cater to all budgets

Simplifying Golf Travel

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, traveling with your clubs used to require great wealth, luxury and manpower to pull off. Even a short break overseas to play would require a butler to transfer the clubs, a dedicated train carriage or car to transport the clubs and the players and a caddie at the destination course. Now with modern technology (the internet especially) the same trip can be organized by two people for less than a week's wages.