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What’s important to you in a golf holiday?

You’ve decided your next vacation will be a golf vacation. Congratulations! There is nothing better than the freedom to spend all day golfing, what an indulgence. Whether you are a first time traveller or a wily veteran, these golf vacation ideas will help ensure that your next holiday is everything you hoped it would be, and more. Consider what is important to you:

It’s about the game!

The top golf vacations are those where the play is the right balance of challenging and rewarding, and where the course is one that suits your eye and your game. Study the course options carefully. Do you want to play a championship resort course which could be a difficult but incredibly rewarding test, or would you rather play a more approachable layout with a slope rating similar to your course at home? Do you want to play the same course for your entire stay, or three or four different courses over the course of your trip? How about improving your game this holiday? A golfing vacation can be the perfect time for tuning up your game, so look for courses with state of the art practice facilities and which offer lessons with top teaching professionals.

Ensure everybody has a great time

Key to a successful trip is making sure there are activities available for everybody to enjoy. If you have only players in your group, it’s easy. If not, a resort is a must. Most golf vacation resorts have plenty of other fun options that will entertain the entire gang. Pools, spas, tennis, cooking classes, and beach and mountain excursions are just a few of the amenities to look for. Some resorts are particularly suited to family golf vacations and will have programs exclusively for the kids to keep them busy and happy while you’re out playing.

Everything you want, in one magical destination

You’ve done a thorough job thinking through what you want for your holiday. Now just match up your vision with any one of hundreds of possible destinations around the globe. Whoa. Almost at the finish line, but you still have to research all the destinations?! You could, or you could save that time, and earn your happiness by choosing Portugal. The Algarve has innumerable courses,and holiday experiences, a magical place where you find the perfect package that meets your requirements. And one suggestion, it’s a fabulous place for Christmas golf vacations. Food for thought, eh? Thank you, Santa!

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